How To Overcome Premature Ejaculation – 7 Reliable Steps For Longer Lasting Sex

How To Overcome Premature Ejaculation

Discovering how to overcome premature ejaculation naturally is easier than many men think.

Premature ejaculation or PE is a common sexual dysfunction that most men are just too ashamed to talk about.

Although the actual length of time which can be called ‘premature’ is open to debate, but typically if a man ejaculates in 2 minutes or sooner from the time of penetrating the vagina then it is usually classified as premature ejaculation.

The good news is that it is a completely curable problem. You don’t have to go to a doctor or take any medicines to last longer longer in bed. There are wide range of highly effective natural methods that can be used and have been used by men to completely get rid of PE.

Let us take a look at seven simple and effective natural techniques for lasting longer during sex.

#7. How To Overcome Premature Ejaculation By Alternating The Speed of Your Strokes

Changing the speed of strokes in a rhythmic manner during sex will allow you to last longer.

When you have sex at same speed again and again in the same manner, you  unknowingly train your body to respond to certain types of stimulation and get aroused very quickly which in turn leads to faster ejaculation.

It is important that you vary your routine. You should alternate the speed of your strokes.

You can start by using 7 slow strokes, then keep changing between 5 fast, 5 medium and 5 slow strokes.

When you do this, you are basically training your penis not to get used to a particular type of stimulation. Alternating the speed of strokes will help you get better control of your ejaculation during sex and at same time increase the pleasure for your partner as you are giving her a greater variety of stimulation.

It is useful to first practice alternating the speed of your penile strokes during masturbation so that you become used to this technique before using it in actual sex with a partner.

As with any type of activity, practice makes perfect. When you feel confident enough that you can delay ejaculation at slow, medium or fast strokes, then you can proceed to using this method during actual intercourse.

#6. Beat Premature Ejaculation By Using The Scrotum Tug Technique

Gently pull your testicles down and away from your body to immediately lower your urge to ejaculate.

The testes tug technique is an excellent method to beat premature ejaculation because it helps to immediately cool down your sexual tension.

Just before reaching orgasm, the scrotum will rise up closer to the body. You can delay ejaculation by gently pulling your testicles down and away from your body.

When you feel you are near ejaculation during sex, wrap your thumb and fore-finger around your scrotum making an OK sign and gently pull your testicles away from your body.

This may seem a little complicated at first but it is actually quite easy and painless. Be careful not to squeeze your testicles. Wait until your arousal subsides, which can take from 10 to 30 seconds. Then you can let go and continue intercourse.

You can also hold the skin between your testicles with you thumb and fore-finger and gently pull down instead of wrapping your fingers around the scrotum. Compare both ways of holding the testicles and see which way works better for you.

This technique will reduce your urge to ejaculate and give you time to get yourself together so that you can continue from where you and your partner have left off.

#5. Make Love Longer Using the Acrobat Pose

This pose stimulates the woman’s G spot and at the same time keeps the man’s stimulation under control allowing him to last longer

It is possible to make love longer by using certain sex positions. The Acrobat Pose is known to be quite effective in helping a man delay ejaculation and giving him enough time to satisfy his partner.

What makes this position so special is that it offers the woman and you, the opportunity to reach explosive orgasm without the fear of shooting your load before it is time.

This particular sex position is specially recommended for those who are physically fit as they will be able to stay in this pose for longer durations.

The acrobatic position requires you to lie on your back. You will need to be relaxed and aroused with an erect penis.

Your partner sits facing the other way from you and allows you to penetrate her while she flexes her knees and tilts her body backward so that you can penetrate deeply into her vagina.

She should then lift her waist by raising her body with the support of her hands and relax her weight on you. She then moves up and down on your penis by moving her waist. You can also hold her hips and help her move. This will also allow you to guide her speed.

In this position, the head of your penis is directly rubbing against her G-spot which will pleasure her greatly. At the same time the stimulation on your penis is comparatively lesser which will allow you to have sex for a much longer time.

Additionally, this pose will give you easy access to her clitoris. Reach around her and pleasure her clitoris with your hand. This will allow you to give her greater pleasure and bring her to orgasm quicker while you stay in control and delay your ejaculation.

#4. Lasting Longer During Sex Will Require You To Stay Away From Alcohol

Alcohol is one of biggest reasons for PE in the modern man

One of the most important actions you can take towards lasting longer during sex is to stay away from alcohol as much as possible.

One of the best ways for overcoming premature ejaculation is to give up alcohol or reduce its consumption as much as possible.

Alcohol is a drug that reduces motor functions which means the more alcohol you have in your body the less control you have over your body.

Excessive alcohol consumption is of the main reasons for premature ejaculation.

Sex takes a lot of physical effort and stamina. If your goal is to last longer during lovemaking then you need a strong and healthy body which is completely under your control.

Alcohol consumption leads to impaired judgment, weakness and fatigue. All of this are triggers which can increase the chances of premature ejaculation.

Going out to a bar, having a few drinks and then meeting a fine lady may seem a good idea but if your goal is to last in bed a long time then you need to make sure those drinks you take don’t contain any alcohol.

Instead of alcohol, drink some mocktails made of fruit juices so that you can have a glass in your hand and blend in. If a night of heavy and hot love is what you have in mind then you will have to cut back on the booze.

#3. A Good Exercise to Last Longer In Bed Is To Use The Synchronized Breathing Technique

Breathing in harmony with the thrusting of your penis will allow you to stay longer during sex

Synchronized breathing or breathing in rhythm with the strokes of your penis is another powerful technique that will prevent early ejaculation.

You should continue this style of breathing throughout intercourse as long as your penis is inside her.

Here’s how to do synchronized breathing and make you breaths in harmony with your thrusting movements

  • When you are penetrating into her and pushing your penis deeper into her vagina, breathe OUT
  • When you are withdrawing or  pulling your penis out of her breathe IN

This may feel counter-intuitive but doing this breathing pattern creates a particular kind of pressure in your pelvic muscles which prevents ejaculation.

If you are thrusting fast then you should not try to do this at every stroke.

Keep your breathing slower than your speed of thrusts. Perform this form of breathing for every 5 thrusts you make during sex.

#2. Delay Ejaculation By Dealing With Relationship Issues

Dealing with any unresolved emotional issues will help you become better in bed with your partner.

This may not seem obvious at first but if you have unresolved emotional conflicts with your partner in your relationship then this can greatly increase the level of stress you experience when having sex with her.

The greater the stress you undergo during sex the higher the likelihood that you ejaculate quickly. So one effective way to last longer in bed is to deal with any any relationship issues before going to bed.

This may sound like a cliche but it might be time you took a long hard look at your relationship with your partner. This is especially true if you have been in a relationship for a long time.

If you find yourself having too many fights with her too often and then find yourself not being able to last long when having sex with her then there might just be a connection between these two situations.

The best solution is to sit down and talk with her. Go on a vacation or some other kind of travel with her where you two can spend some time away from the day-to-day stress of life and rekindle your love.

Trust is the cornerstone of any relationship and the more you trust each other the more open you can be with each other and communicate freely. This in turn will reduce the stress during sex and allow you to be more comfortable, relaxed and intimate with her.

If the two of you take the time to talk and iron out your differences, it will definitely lift your spirits and help you last longer during sex.

#1. Best Natural Way to Last In Bed Longer Is To Consume The Herb Schizandra

The Chinese wonder herb Schizandra is a proven remedy to increase sexual endurance in men

Schizandra is a berry which is a famous herb from the East that was once eaten by Taoist sexual masters and Chinese royalty. It has been in use in China from the start of the Chinese empire.

This herb is famous as a powerful sexual tonic when it is taken daily.

Schizandra increases sexual stamina, removes sexual weaknesses, strengthens your erections and helps men have sex longer. It also increases the production of semen and sperm thus boosting fertility especially in older men.

Apart from its sexual benefits, this wonder herb also increases your vitality. It enhances the beauty of your skin by increasing its clarity and it also gives a beautiful glow to your skin.

It is also a cleansing tonic that cleans the toxins from your liver, kidneys and lungs. Hence, people who smoke or drink alcohol will be particularly benefited by this herb.

It also sharpens your mind and improves memory. It was and is widely consumed by wealthy older men in Chinese culture to improve both their general physical health and their sexual health in particular.

Hence, one of the best methods for men looking for ways on how to overcome premature ejaculation is to consume Schizandra regularly. It is easily available in health food stores and also available online usually in the form of capsules.

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