How To Make Yourself Last Longer In Bed – 7 Proven Tactics To Defeat PE

How To Make Yourself Last Longer In Bed

Have you been wondering how to make yourself last longer in bed lately?

Premature ejaculation or PE is the number one sexual disorder among men of all ages.

The International Society of Sexual Medicine defines it as a male sexual dysfunction that is described as ejaculation which constantly or nearly always happens before or within a minute of sexual intercourse.

In the United States alone, premature ejaculation is believed to affect 30 million men. PE can be a very embarrassing sexual dysfunction that often causes the sufferer to become depressed and withdrawn.

Let us take a look at seven simple and useful tricks to fight premature ejaculation naturally that can help you last longer during intercourse.

#7. Control Premature Ejaculation Naturally by Bringing Down Your Arousal Level With The Triangular Breathing Technique

This breathing technique can help calm down your sexual tension during intercourse and help you last longer in bed.

Triangular breathing is one of the mos powerful methods to control your ejaculation.

It is an easy breathing exercise to calm your mind. When your sexual arousal reaches a high level, using this method will prevent your from going over the edge and ejaculating.

Here is how to perform triangular breathing.

  1. Breathe in very slowly and steadily and count to 5
  2. Hold your breath for the same 5-count duration
  3. Breathe out slowly, making sure that it lasts exactly as long as the inhalation and then hold
  4. When your lungs are empty, repeat the breathing pattern.
  5. The next step is to visualize a triangle in your mind.
  6. Imagine your breath as a beam of light moving along the three sides of a triangle as shown in the diagram.
  7. Your breathing should be very slow, even and deliberate.

Practice this breathing technique before you actually use it for ejaculation control during sex.

Whenever you feel like you are close to ejaculation, perform this this breathing technique and it will make you centered and calm quickly. This will help you to make love longer without ejaculating.

#6. How To Make Yourself Last Longer in Bed Using The Start-Stop Method

The start-stop method is a well-known and simple method to prolong sex and prevent ejaculation.

You can use the start-stop technique to train yourself to last longer in bed.

The start-stop method is a technique which involves understanding where your “point of no return”  is (this is the point where the urge to ejaculate is nearly impossible to control) and then stopping yourself before you reach this point.

You will need to take a couple of minutes to relax, take deep breaths and put yourself in a calm frame of mind. When your body is nice and relaxed, you can start making love to your partner.

The moment that you feel like climaxing, you need to stop your thrusting. Take a few deep breaths.

Rest for about a period of 30 seconds and while you are resting you can stimulate your partner’s body by massaging her breasts or playing around her clitoris with your fingers.

Once you feel that your urge to ejaculate has passed you can continue thrusting.

Repeat the start-stop technique until you have brought your partner to orgasm.

#5. Last Longer During Sex By Eating Eggs Daily

Eggs contain several essential nutrients which can improve a man’s sexual endurance.

One of the easiest ways for making yourself last longer in bed naturally is to eat eggs regularly.

Eggs are packed with a lot of vitamins, minerals and other active substances that will nourish your body and fill you with the vigor needed for lasting longer during sex.

Eggs can be eaten as poached, hard-boiled, scrambled or as omelets. Eggs are a rich source of B vitamins, which are essential for keeping your sex drive in top condition and your mind stress-free.

Whenever you get anxious or stressed you body runs out of B vitamins. Eating eggs regularly in the morning will make sure your body has a good supply of Vitamin B and will help you manage your excitement better during sex. Thus, helping you to last longer when making love.

#4. Make Love Longer By Focusing on Other Sexual Pleasures

Having a long foreplay session will make sure your woman is just as aroused as you are and will make her orgasm faster.

You can make love longer and satisfy your partner in many different ways by simply focusing on other sexual pleasures.

Having a much longer foreplay can add to your partner’s sexual satisfaction, and also help you delay ejaculation. There are other ways you can please your partner during sex without using your penis.

You can gently nibble on her ears while using your fingers to pleasure her clitoris and vagina.

You can go down on her and suck on her clitoris until she climaxes. Fondle her breasts and kiss on the small of her neck just below her ears. This is a very sensitive region for most women and it will add to her pleasure.

Tease her nipples with your mouth and with your fingers. Suck on them gently. Gently massage them between your thumb and index finger and stroke the dark region around her nipple. This will take her to heights of ecstasy.

Having a foreplay session of 30 minutes or longer will make sure your woman is completely aroused and “wet” when you enter her. This will make her orgasm much faster.

Even when you are inside her and thrusting, keep kissing her lips and her breasts and keep massaging her all over. This will take away your focus from “performing” and help you last longer. At the same time you partner will also have a more fulfilling sexual experience.

#3. A Good Exercise to Last Longer In Bed Is To Get A Lingam Massage From Your Partner Regularly

Lingam massage can be an excellent bonding exercise for couples and it also enhances the man’s sexual stamina.

Getting your partner to give you a Lingam massage (also known as “Penis Massage” or “Penile massage”) is a good exercise to last longer in bed and it will help you train your penis to delay ejaculation.

Here’s how its done.

  1. Lie on your back in a very comfortable position with your knees bent and supported by a pillow.
  2. Your partner should sit or kneel between your legs in front of you.
  3. Make sure she is able to sit in a comfortable position otherwise any tension in her body will get unknowingly transferred to you during the massage. Find a position which is comfortable for both of you.
  4. Your partner will then lubricate her hands with coconut oil and begin stroking your penis and your testicles with her hands.
  5. Your partner should closely watch for signs of your rising arousal like increasing hardness of your penis, changes in your breathing, thrusting of hips, lifting of the testicles etc.
  6. One a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being maximum arousal coming close to ejaculation, when you reach an arousal level of 6 ask your partner to stop all stimulation of your penis and testicles.
  7. Instead now she massages your chest and belly thus allowing your sexual energy to move away from your genitals and thus decreasing your urge to ejaculate.
  8. You should take some slow, deep breaths and relax all the muscles around your penis until your excitement level drops to 2.
  9. Repeat the steps (4) through (7) and this time continue massaging the penis until you reach an arousal level of 7 instead of 6.
  10. Again repeat steps (4) through (7) and this time take it up to level 8.
  11. Then repeat the steps till you reach level 9.
  12. If you want to push it further you can even try taking it till level 9.9. This will need good co-ordination between you and your partner so that she stops just at the right moment.

By practicing this Lingam massage regularly you will be able to increase your sexual endurance and teach your penis how to stay at a high level of arousal without ejaculation.

#2. End Premature Ejaculation Using The Peg Position During Sexual Intercourse

This sex position is quite pleasurable for both the man and woman, will help the man last longer, and will make sure the woman reaches orgasm.

You can end premature ejaculation by having sex in the Peg position.

Here’s how its done.

  1. The woman will lie on her side with her legs straight.
  2. You then lie on your side with your head level with your partner’s feet and slide in between her legs.
  3. Your partner will have one leg over your hip and the other on the floor or bed.
  4. Now, you penetrate her with your legs stretched, and then you bend forward and hold her hips.
  5. Your partner will then bend her legs and move her knees towards her chest. She can also hold on to your feet or ankles and pull on them.

This particular position is quite unique and interesting as you and your partner are in reversed positions. It may look complicated but it is actually quite simple once you do it.

The Peg position does not require vigorous thrusting from the man which could lead to early ejaculation.

Additional, the woman can rub her clitoris into your leg thus giving her greater sexual pleasure. You can push your penis in her vagina in deep circular motion by moving your hips which will further stimulate her clitoris and add to her ecstasy.

The great thing about this position is that it does not stimulate the penis much and at the same time it gives greater pleasure to the woman. This will help you enjoy sex longer and bring your partner to orgasm before you. This position also helps the woman discover new sexual sensations.

#1. You Can Delay Ejaculation Significantly If You Practice The Cobra Pose Daily

This yoga pose is a simple and effective exercise to strengthen your sexual muscles and build your endurance for making love longer.

Bhujangasan or the Cobra Pose is an excellent yoga posture for improving male sexual endurance.

This is a fantastic stretching exercise that releases tension in the pelvic region and help strengthen the muscles around your penis. It is a very simple method to make yourself last longer in bed naturally.

Let us look at the steps to perform this exercise.

  1. Lie down on a mat or on the floor with your stomach resting flat on the ground.
  2. Put your face on the ground and position your head such that your chin touches the floor and keep your legs stretched out straight.
  3. Lay your hands besides your body with your palms on the ground and also place your toes on the ground.
  4. Press your feet and your palms strongly against the floor and as you breathe in, straighten your arms and lift up your chest off the ground.
  5. Lift your upper back while keeping your lower back down and your hips steady.
  6. Stay in this pose for around 20 seconds and then return back to your original pose in step 2.
  7. Repeat steps 3 to 6 five more times

Doing this exercise daily will allow you to build up your sexual stamina and delay ejaculation naturally.

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