How To Last Longer During Intercourse – 7 Guaranteed Methods To End PE

How To Last Longer During Intercourse

If you have ever experienced premature ejaculation (PE), then it is quite natural that you may be eager to learn methods on how to last longer during intercourse.

If PE happen frequently for you then it can put your relationship with your partner under a lot of stress and also decrease your self-esteem.

It is quite possible for a man to last much longer in sex, that he usually does, by doing certain exercises and eating certain foods.

These seven powerful and potent methods we are going to discuss will help you defeat PE and enable you to last as long as you like during sexual intercourse.

#7. Learn How to Last Longer During Intercourse By Applying Pressure To Your Perineum

Applying pressure to the perineum can immediately reduce the urge to ejaculate and help you get back control quickly

One proven way to control premature ejaculation is by applying pressure to the perineum when you feel you are close to ejaculation.

The perineum is the area that is located between your scrotum and anus.

When you press on the perineum, it squeezes the urethra, the tube which carries your semen from the prostate to your penis. This prevents ejaculation because of the specific nerves in this region that are directly connected to the prostate gland.

When you are just about to ejaculate, your prostate starts rhythmically expands and contracts. Pressing into the perineum will prevent your prostate from going into these contractions and it will help you delay ejaculation.

If you feel the region between your anus and your testicles with your fingers, you will feel a slightly elevated bulge. This is your perineum.

During sex when you feel you are coming close to ejaculation, simply use your middle finger to press into the perineum, at exactly the middle of the bulge.

Practice it a few times on your own. Stimulate your penis with your hand until you are close to climaxing. Then press into your perineum with your middle finger, while simultaneously taking a deep breath in. This will immediately bring down your level of arousal and help you get back control.

This technique is a great natural way to last longer during sex.

#6. Treat Premature Ejaculation Naturally By Eating These Foods

Okra boosts the strength of your erections and increases your sexual vigor

Consuming certain vegetables can help you treat premature ejaculation at home.

Carrot is one such vegetable. Carrots contain beta carotene which is an anti antioxidant that is known to increase vigor and vitality. You can eat the carrots raw, especially if you like them crunchy, or add them to salads or other foods like brown rice.

Okra (also known as “lady fingers”) is a vegetable that packs a lot of power in preventing premature ejaculation because of its high Zinc content.

Aside from helping you to last longer during intercourse, okra also helps to boost immunity by increasing the good bacteria inside your gut.

Avocados and nuts contain “good fats” which contain essential fatty acids that are needed by your body for producing sex hormones.

Serotonin is a natural chemical produced in our bodies which calms the body and helps you better manage sexual stimulation. Hence, boosting the production of serotonin in your body can help you have sex longer.

Cottage cheese, chicken, eggs and beans are all foods which help increase the serotonin production in your body.

White onion is another great veggie that can help  overcome early ejaculation by strengthening the reproductive organs when consumed regularly.

#5. Use A Condom to Reduce Sensitivity For Lasting Longer During Intercourse

Wearing a condom can help control the intensity and speed of your sexual stimulation.

Wearing a condom during sex is a simple but effective way to lower the intensity of stimulation received during sex that will allow you to last longer in bed.

There are two types of condoms which can help you last longer.

The first type is the extra thick kind. Extra thick condoms are usually promoted as “extra strong” and have a thicker layer of latex than normal condoms. You can also find these in the “ribbed” version which can help to increase your partner’s pleasure as well.

Using such an extra thick condom will reduce the intensity of the nerve impulses sent by your penis to your brain when you are inside the women.

This means you will take a longer amount of time to reach the same amount of sexual excitement which you would have reached in case you were having sex with a normal condom or without a condom.

This delay in time taken to reach peak sexual tension will help delay your ejaculation and make you last longer.

The second kind of condoms which can help you love longer are the kind that have a desensitizing agent coated on the inside of the condom.  This coating helps to reduce the sensitivity of you penis to sexual stimulation and helps you make love for more time. These condoms are usually marketed as “extended” or “performance” condoms.

#4. Delay Ejaculation Naturally By Making Love In The Reverse Cowgirl Position

This pose decreases the strain on the man’s pelvic muscles and helps him last longer while still enjoying sex

Having sex in positions where the man is on top tends to increase the stimulation of the penis greatly and increases the chances of early ejaculation.

Having the woman on top during sex is a simple and effective way to delay ejaculation.

The reverse cowgirl is on one such woman-on-top position which can help the man last longer and is also one of the most fun sex positions.

Here’s how to do it.

  1. Lie on your back with an erect penis.
  2. Your woman kneels over you facing away from you and sits on your penis.
  3. She bounces up and down on your penis by moving her hips. She can also use her hands for further support by pushing down on your thighs
  4. Since both your hands are free, you can reach over and fondle her breasts or put your fingers between her thighs and play with her clitoris to heighten her excitement.

As in this position the woman is doing most of the physical exertion, the stimulation received to your penis is lesser than the excitement received in her vagina. This will help you last longer.

Since you are looking at her back and not at her face, this will also reduce your anxiety and help delay your ejaculation even more.

In this position, the woman is in full control of the motion of your penis inside her. So she can easily change the angle at which the penis is entering her, by bending forwards or backwards, and adjust for maximum pleasure. This will help her orgasm faster.

#3. Beat Premature Ejaculation By Focusing On A Neutral Object In The Middle Of The Heat

Focusing on a neutral object from time to time during sex will prevent you from going over the edge too soon.

One of the best ways you can bring down the intensity of sexual tension in your body and prevent premature ejaculation during sex is to take your focus away from the heat of the action.

If you are too focused on your naked bodies, watching her boobies bounce and looking her in the eye as you keep on pounding, then there is good chance that your excitement will quickly mount and lead to premature ejaculation.

You can calm down the sexual tension in your body and keep your arousal at a manageable level by looking at a neutral object from time to time during sex.

Just pick any random neutral object in the room. A lamp, a wall painting, a chair, a glass of water standing besides the bed, the headboard, the ceiling or anything at all which is not sexual.

When you feel you excitement mounting too high, take a slow, deep breath and look at this neutral object. Count slowly from 1 to 10 in your mind as you continue to breathe slowly and look at this object.

As you look at this object, take in all the details you can see. Notice its color, its brightness, its texture, its shape, its shadow, how far it is away from you etc.

Don’t get carried away completely. Stay aware of the sensations you feel in your body and just add this object in the room to your field of awareness.

Once the count till 10 is done, return you breathing to normal and focus your eyes back on your partner. By now your excitement should have calmed down a bit and you would be able to continue thrusting for a few more minutes.

Repeat as needed. Make sure to focus on a different new object each time you look away from your partner. This will help you last longer during sex by making you more calm as you get closer to your climax.

#2.  The Continence Yoga Pose Is A Powerful Exercise to Last Longer in Bed

The Continence pose is very useful in boosting the strength of your PC muscles which will allow you to stay longer during sex.

There is an ancient yogic exercise to last longer in bed called Brahmacharyasana or the Continence pose, that can help you increase your sexual endurance and stay longer during sex.

Men who want to know how to last longer during intercourse will be greatly benefited by the continence position as it will help them strengthen the muscles around their genitals and combat premature ejaculation.

This is how you do it.

  1. Kneel down on a mat with your feet slightly apart. Your knees should touch each other and the soles your feet should point outwards.
  2. Now, gradually lower your body into the gap between your legs and sit down between your legs.
  3. Place your palms on your knees with the fingers pointing downwards and breathe normally. In order to focus well, you should keep your eyes closed.
  4. Hold this position for 2 minutes and then return to your original kneeling position in step 1. Then move into a normal sitting pose. Rest for a minute.
  5. Repeat steps 1 to 4 three more times

Practicing the continence pose regularly will help strengthen the muscles in your pelvic area and improve your mental control over them. This will increase your sexual stamina and help you last longer during sexual intercourse.

#1. Last Longer During Sex With The Soothing Wind Relaxation Technique

The soothing wind technique will help cool down your sexual tension when you find yourself reaching close to ejaculation.

The soothing wind relaxation method is a combination of a special breathing technique along with visualization that will help you to train your body to calm down when you are in the heat of sex and coming close to ejaculation.

This is how you do it.

Sit or lie down in a comfortable position in a place where you won’t be disturbed for at least 30 minutes.

Exercise 1

  1. Take a long, slow and deep breath in, through your nose, counting from 1 to 7. Start you in-breath as you count 1 and keep breathing inwards till you reach 7
  2. Hold your breath for a count of 1 to 3 and then breathe out counting from 1 to 10
  3. Repeat steps 1 to 2, five times.

Exercise 2

  1. Now close your eyes, and breathe in slowly through your mouth counting from 1 to 7 just like you did before.
  2. Hold your breath for a count of 1 to 3 and then breathe out counting from 1 to 10.
  3. As you are breathing out and counting, consciously feel your body relaxing from your head to your hips.
  4. As you are breathing out and counting 1…2… feel your facial muscles become relaxed.
  5. Then slowly move the relaxation down. 3…4… relax the muscles in your neck and your shoulders.
  6. Continue down, 5…6… relax your chest, then your stomach and abdomen.
  7. While still breathing out slowly, continue relaxing downwards 7…8…relax the muscles in your navel and buttocks.
  8. And then 9…10.. relax the muscles around your penis and testicles.
  9. Repeat steps 1 to 8, five times.

Each time you will end up feeling more and more relaxed. The trick here is to imagine a wave of relaxation going down your body from your face into your pelvic region. You may feel you pelvic muscles tense up and try to resist. That’s natural, just give them time to relax.

Exercise 3

  1. Begin just like last time, close your eyes, breathe in through your mouth for a count of 7, hold for a count of 3 and start breathing out counting from 1 to 10.
  2. This time as you are breathing out, imagine in your mind that you are blowing a cool, soothing wind through the inside of your body from your head into your hips.
  3. As you feel the relaxation wave flowing down, feel the cool wind blowing along with it, starting from your face, then into your chest, through your stomach and buttocks, and finally into the muscles around your penis and testicles.
  4. Imagine that as this cool wind comes into contact with each muscle, the muscle becomes completely relaxed and calm instantly.
  5. The trick here is to completely relax all your pelvic muscles, so make sure your imagine the wind blowing deep down into that area.
  6. Repeat steps 1 to 5, ten times.

Practice all 3 exercises at least 4 days a week.

Once you have become familiar with this visualization, you can put it to use during actual sex.

When you are having sex and you feel close to ejaculation, you can just imagine the calm soothing wind, blowing down from your face into your pelvic region.

This will immediately calm down all the muscles down there and bring down your sexual tension to a more manageable level. So you will be able to last longer making love.

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