How To Last Longer When Making Love – 7 Effective Techniques To Cure PE

How To Last Longer When Making Love

If you suffer from premature ejaculation (PE) and want to discover how to last longer when making love then you have come to the right place.

PE is one of the most common male sexual problems affecting one in every three men.

When a man ejaculates too early during sex with his partner, he experiences a lot of bad feelings like shame, guilt and inadequacy. It may make him feel like his manhood is being challenged because of this problem.

Some men choose to take pills or use some kind of devices in order to solve this problem. But it is very much possible to treat PE naturally and teach yourself how to last longer during sex without taking any pills or using costly devices.

Let us take a look at some of the most powerful natural home remedies and techniques to help you last longer in bed when making love.

#7. How To Last Longer When Making Love Using The Tantric Technique

Tantric Technique To Last Longer During Sex

The Tantric technique can help you cool down quickly as soon as you realize you are nearing ejaculation

The Tantric technique can help a man to last longer during sex and help him fully satisfy his partner.

The Tantric technique helps you to prevent ejaculation by modifying your breathing and using your PC muscle. The PC muscle is located between your penis and your anus.

You can feel your PC muscle contract if you try to stop peeing midstream. Practice contracting and relaxing your PC muscle a few times by starting and stopping your pee next time you go to the bathroom.

The Tantric technique is performed as follows.  When you are almost at the point-of-no-return during sex

  1. Stop stimulation
  2. Contract your PC muscles
  3. Lower your chin against your chest
  4. Touch your tongue to the roof of your mouth
  5. Take a long deep breath

Doing this will immediately reduce the sexual tension in your body and decrease chances of ejaculation.

Then take a few more deep breaths and feel your body’s sexual energy rise up your spine, into your head and then down into your chest and stomach. Keep taking slow long breaths and keep your tongue touched to the roof of your mouth until the urge to ejaculate has subsided.

If you do the Tantric technique correctly, it can lower you quickly from very high levels of arousal to a calm and more controlled state where you will no longer feel the need to ejaculate and then you can continue having sex.

Practice this techniques a few times during masturbation so that you will be able to perform it better during actual sex.

#6. Best Cure For Premature Ejaculation Is Knowing How To Breathe Correctly During Sex

Slow belly breathing will help you get rid of premature ejaculation

Most men make the mistake of taking short fast breaths when having sexual intercourse with their partner. When you breathe like this, you will make your heart pump faster and this will cause you to become more aroused and excited very quickly.

The result of short and fast breathing is early ejaculation.

You can last longer during sex by learning to breathe through your belly instead of your chest. You used to breathe with your belly when you were a baby but when you grew up you slowly shifted your breathing to your chest.

Belly breathing is easy. Here’s how you can do it

  1. Place your right hand on your chest and your left hand on your stomach
  2. Now take a deep breath in by expanding your belly. You will feel your left hand moving away from your body
  3. Make sure your right hand on your chest doesn’t move at all
  4. Now slowly breathe out by pulling your stomach back in
  5. Your left hand will move back closer to you. Make sure the right hand on your chest doesn’t move
  6. Now practice a few more in-breaths and out-breaths making sure your right hand remains motionless
  7. Once you have learned to breathe by using just your belly you can bring both your hands to your sides and practice few more belly breaths

You may feel a bit light-headed if you are not used to slow breathing but you will quickly get used to it. Practice belly breathing every day for a few minutes and eventually make it part of your routine.

Immediately before you start sex, switch to belly breathing and keep breathing at a slow pace all throughout the lovemaking session.

This will help you last a LOT longer in bed that if you were taking normal short and fast breaths. Make sure to start belly breathing right from the beginning and don’t wait to the last second when you are near ejaculation otherwise it may be too late by then.

When you control your breathing during sex like this, you will last longer and enjoy every second of the activity.

#5. Make Love Longer By Taking Winter Cherry Herb And Ginseng

Winter Cherry is an ancient herb proven to increase potency and sexual stamina in men

A lot of herbs are known for their efficacy in curing premature ejaculation naturally.

Thankfully, many of these herbs can be found in health stores. Ginseng is an herb that can be used to treat PE. Simply take half a spoonful of ginseng with goat’s milk each night before bedtime.

Winter Cherry is another great herb that helps you last longer and increases your vigor, strength and stamina. You can eat it raw or simply add it to salads, and other meals.

This herb has no side effect and it is perfect for preventing erectile dysfunction too.

The roots of the angelica plant is another potent herb for healing premature ejaculation. Men who want to last longer when making love can use the oil made with angelica plant roots.

You should rub the oil directly on your penis daily in order to last longer during sex.

#4. A Great Exercise To Last Longer In Bed Is The Supine Head Knee Yoga Posture

The Supine Head-Knee Yoga Pose helps to strengthen the pelvic muscles and helps overcome PE

The Yogic Supine Head Knee Pose helps to increase blood circulation in the penile area  and decreases muscle tension in this area during sex which in turn helps to prevent PE.

Here is how you perform this pose

  1. Sit straight with your legs stretched out in front of you. This will be the starting position.
  2. Slowly flex your right knee and place the heel of your right foot against your left thigh.
  3. Take a deep breath in and while slowly breathing out bend your body down over your left leg.
  4. Catch the toes of your left leg with both your hands and slowly lower your head on your knee as much as possible.
  5. Maintain this pose for a few seconds and then gently come back to the starting position with your legs stretched out.
  6. Now bend your left knee and place the heel of your left foot against your right thigh.
  7. While slowly breathing out, bend your body over your right leg and catch the toes of your right foot.
  8. Bring your head as close to the right knee as possible.
  9. After a few seconds return back to starting position gently.

This is really good exercise to last longer in bed because it strengthens the pelvic muscles which in turn helps you to keep these muscle under better control during intercourse. This exercise also improves sexual vigor.

#3. Stop Premature Ejaculation Naturally By Performing ‘Edging’

Train your body to make love longer by practicing ‘Edging’

Edging is a type of sexual exercise that will train your penis to last longer without ejaculation. You can do it each time you masturbate.

Rub your erect penis slowly starting from the base of your penis and work your way to the head of the penis.

When you begin to feel the urge to ejaculate, then start to work your way back from the head to the base of the penis.

Doing this will remove the urge to ejaculate and help you stop premature ejaculation naturally. The key here is to go closer and closer to the point of no return where you feel you are almost close to ejaculation and stop at the right moment.

This exercise is called edging because you keep playing at the “edge” of ejaculation and train your penis to stay close to the edge while not crossing over and ejaculating.  The important thing is to practice it regularly.

#2. Last Longer During Sex By Re-Training Your Penis With An Advanced Masturbation Technique

Practicing certain advanced masturbation techniques can help train your body to delay ejaculation

The most usual cause for premature ejaculation is psychological conditioning. When a man first starts masturbating as a boy it is mostly always done in a hurried manner. There is always the fear and anxiety of getting caught.

This  causes a sense of tension throughout masturbation that forces him to get it over with quickly and ejaculate before someone catches him.

Hence, right from the early teenage years when a man learns to stimulate his penis for pleasure, he unknowingly attaches a “hurry” or “lets finish it fast before someone catches me” mentality to sexual stimulation. This same hurried behavior get carried over unconsciously when the man shifts from masturbation to actual sex. Through years of “practice” he has actually “trained” his penis to ejaculate quickly.

The solution to this is quite simple. You just need to retrain your penis from the lets-finish-it-before-I-get-caught mentality to the lets-do-this-as-long-as-I-have-free-time mentality.

To do this you need to change the way you masturbate as follows.

  1. Find a time slot during your day when you can get at least an hour (or more) of free time and a room where you can be absolutely sure you won’t be disturbed.
  2. Lock the door and switch off your mobile phone.
  3. Take some natural coconut oil (its the best lube) in the palm of one hand and then generously apply it on your penis.
  4. You can use erotic materials for initially stimulating yourself to get an erection but after that, put away the porn and focus just on your body.
  5. Shift your breathing to your belly as discussed in tip #6
  6. Practice edging as discussed in tip #3
  7. If you suddenly find yourself too close to ejaculation then use the Tantric method shown in in tip #7
  8. Continue stimulating your penis.
    • Use different speed of strokes and different sitting positions
    • Move around the room
    • Masturbate for some time while standing
    • Then do it for a few minutes while sitting with your legs spread out straight
    • Then fold your legs and shift your body’s weight on one leg and continue stroking your penis
    • Then shift your weight to the other leg and continue stroking
    • Stand up and slightly bend your knees and continue stimulation
    • Keep changing the hand you use for stimulation. For few minutes use your left hand then shift to right hand.
    • Keep changing your location in the room, your sitting/standing position, the hand you use for stimulation and the speed of stroking every few minutes
    • Keep a close attention on your breathing and if your find your breathing is becoming shallow and fast then consciously slow down your breathing and take few deep breaths
  9. If you keep feeling the urge to ejaculate every few minutes then stop stimulation and breathe deeply for a few minutes till your erection becomes a little softer
  10. Resume stimulation and continue as long as you have time or until you ejaculate

If you are like most people you may have NEVER masturbated like this. Most men masturbate by just sitting down in front of their computer and watching porn while pulling on their penis until they ejaculate.

By changing your “style” of masturbation as mentioned above you will radically change your body’s “programming” for sexual stimulation.

By following this method you will not only enjoy a wider range of sexual stimulation and pleasure but you will also “remove” the old programming of stroke-your-penis-until-you-cum which is the main reason for premature ejaculation.

#1. A Natural Way To Last In Bed Longer Is To Use Self Hypnosis

Unlock the power of your mind and use it to last longer in bed

Probably the most powerful natural way to last in bed longer is to use the power of your mind.

You may feel your orgasms around your penis but in reality all sexual pleasure happens only in the brain. In fact all pain and pleasure happen only in the brain.

Your body and all your senses are just input devices (like a keyboard on a computer) which is used to collect data. The actual “processing” of the data happens in the brain.

That is why you can use post-hypnotic suggestions to rewrite your old behavior and re-program your brain to last longer during lovemaking.

Some people who are not familiar with hypnosis may have some fears about it. They may fear what if they get “stuck” in hypnosis. That is actually impossible.

Firstly because hypnosis is a completely natural state. Every day a person goes in and out of hypnosis several times without consciously knowing it. Secondly because even in deep hypnosis you are completely in control. You can come out of it whenever you like.

To do the self-hynosis for lasting longer when making love we will use a very simple technique of cycling though your senses as follows.

  1. Find a room and a time where you won’t be disturbed for at least 30 minutes
  2. Sit or lie down on a couch or bed in a comfortable position
  3. Keep your eyes open and let your entire body relax. Begin by relaxing your feet, then relax your thighs then your hips and then your belly. Then relax your shoulders, relax your neck and then relax all your facial muscles. Feel your entire body sinking into the couch/bed.
  4. Now from the current position you are sitting/lying in, SEE three things in the room you can notice. You can move your head if needed but keep your movements to a minimum. Just simply look at 3 things one after the other and say to yourself what you see. So you can say, “I see my feet”, “I see the lamp”, “I see the table”. Don’t say this out loud. Just say it gently in your head. You can pick ANY three things in your surroundings to see.
  5. Now notice three sounds in your surroundings that you can HEAR and say what they are. So you can say something like, “I hear the humming of the air conditioner”, “I hear the cars passing by on the street outside”, “I hear the ticking of the clock”. You can pick ANY three sounds in your surrounding to pay attention.
  6. Now FEEL three sensations in/on your body and say what they are. For e.g. “I feel the clothes on my body”, “I feel the fabric of the bed/cushion under my legs” , “I feel the air going in and out of me as I am breathing”
  7. Now SEE two things in the room. Two different things you hadn’t picked last time. Say to yourself what they are.
  8. Now HEAR two sounds which you hadn’t noticed last time. If you can’t hear any new sounds you can pick the same sounds you chose last time but its always better to pay a little more attention and pick out two new sounds. Say to yourself what they are.
  9. Now FEEL two other sensations in your body you hadn’t picked last time. Just relax and pay attention and you will be able to find them. For e.g. the sensation of saliva in your mouth, the feeling of relaxation in your right arm etc.
  10. Next, SEE just one item in the room which you hadn’t picked till now. Say to yourself what it is.
  11. Then HEAR one sound and say what it is.
  12. Then FEEL one sensation in your body and say what you feel
  13. Now close your eyes
  14. Now SEE one item/scene/place in your imagination and say what it is. For e.g you can imagine a beautiful beach and say “I see a beautiful beach at sunset” or maybe “I see a yellow bird” or “I see a blue van”
  15. Now HEAR one sound in your imagination and say what it is. So you can hear the sound of a coin dropping in your imagination and say “I hear the sound of a coin dropping” or “I hear a guitar playing” etc
  16. Now FEEL one sensation in/on your body in your imagination. Like you can imagine you are drinking orange juice and say “I feel the sweet tangy taste of orange juice in my mouth” or maybe “I feel a soft and cuddly teddy bear in my arms”
  17. Then SEE two items/places in your imagination and say what they are
  18. Next HEAR two sounds in your imagination and say what they are
  19. FEEL two sensations in your imagination and say what they are
  20. Now SEE three items/places in your imagination
  21. HEAR three sounds in your imagination
  22. FEEL three sensations in your imagination
  23. By this time you must be in a deep state of hypnosis. Just enjoy this wonderful state of relaxation for a moment.
  24. And then say to yourself. “I see myself making love all night long”. Then see yourself having sex for a long long time. Imaging yourself on the bed having sex and at the same time see the hands of a clock moving starting from 12’o clock… 5 minutes..10 minutes…15 minutes…20 minutes…30 minutes…and on and on
  25. Then say to yourself “I hear the passionate moans of my partner as I keep on giving her pleasure”. Then hear your lover’s sexual moans driving both of you to higher and higher planes of pleasure. Hear the sound of her heart pounding as you drive her crazy with passion. Hear the sound of the clock ticking, starting from 12’o clock…5 minutes..10 minutes…15 minutes…20 minutes…30 minutes…and on and on
  26. Then say to yourself “I feel my lover’s embrace. I feel the warmth of her skin on mine. I feel myself inside her”. Then  feel her pulling you closer and closer as you keep on pumping. Feel every slow stroke of your penis inside of her, driving her mad with pleasure. Feel the time passing around you almost as if time has slowed down for you…5 minutes..10 minutes…15 minutes…20 minutes…30 minutes…and on and on
  27. Continue to SEE, HEAR and FEEL yourself having sex in your imagination and at the same time SEE, HEAR and FEEL the clock ticking away slowly as if time itself has slowed down for you…5 minutes..10 minutes…15 minutes…20 minutes…30 minutes…and on and on
  28. “See” yourself having sex in slow motion as if time is slowing down. Slow it down further…slower and slower until the movie turns into a photo and then PAUSE. Notice the time on the clock. Imagine whatever time you would like to last and clearly see the picture of that time. You started the clock from  12’o clock so if you want to last 30 minutes, see 12:30 on the clock.
  29. Now gently let your thoughts relax. Watch the picture of the clock (at 12:30)  slowly fade away.
  30. Now you will count down from 10 to 1 and with each number you will wake up a little bit more.
  31. Count down in your head 10…9…8…wake your body up from feet to head…start moving your legs a little bit..7…6…5…4…start moving your hands and neck…3…2…1 and then open your eyes

Repeat this method as often as you get time, preferably everyday and at least once a week. This is a very powerful method to re-program your brain and help your body to last longer naturally during sex.